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Advanced pressure swing adsorption system for hydrogen, methane, biogas, and helium.

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Low CapEx and OpEx. Reliable and easy to maintain.



SILO PSA is the most advanced rotary pressure swing adsorption system in the market today. Pure and Simple.

Our Heritage
With over 45 years' experience in pressure swing adsorption and rotary PSA design, manufacturing, sales, and support, the SILO team has optimized SILO PSA for price, performance, and RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability).
SILO Technology
SILO PSA technology combines a patented single rotary distributor to eliminate over 50 process valves associated with comparable conventional PSA equipment and an integrated flow design to replace over 30 pipe spools with flow channels built into the distributor assembly. The result is lower CapEx, greater reliability, and an extremely compact system.
SILO PSA is ideal for hydrogen production and biogas upgrading as well as CO2 capture and helium recovery. Custom inquiries welcome!
Partners for Success
We work exclusively with qualified systems integrators and as an OEM supplier to hydrogen plant and biogas systems manufacturers.